One Expensive Shot.

I just love, love, LOVE the EMGY colorway. I love how awesome they looked stacked up like this. I just don't like how I find flaws with a pic after I take it. Seeing as how this took almost 30 minutes to set up and it was late, I decided I wasn't going to waste another 30 minutes+ to make sure everything looks exactly how I wanted it.

  • I have 7 grunts and I wanted to have them all in this shot. I'm not sure why or where I had the 7th and as of writing this I still don't know.
  • The MK2 square isn't facing Kuan and the Mongrol. It was supposed to be more towards the center of the group.
  • The Dropcloths aren't holding weapons.
  • The grunt closest to the drop has the shotgun on his back up way too high.

Maybe some minor setbacks but the MK2 square being out of place is what really bothers me.

The 5 spotlights are real. They were an accessory for a Christmas village. Minor level adjustments in Photoshop with some lighting added on the 2 Dropcloths.